Thank you for your in-depth review of my post. I will probably comment further at some point in the future when I have the time to do so, but for now, let me just say a few things.

It is not my desire to mislead readers, or twist numbers to fit my agenda. I understand that this is something that people can do without being aware of what they are doing, so I appreciate criticism and review.

I agree that the most likely rate for “serious” chronic pain after vasectomy, which I’ll define here as “daily pain that is distracting and interferes with the enjoyment of life’s activities and persists longer than 1 year after vasectomy” — I would estimate to be 1–2% of men, in line with the AUA statement, based on what I have read.

I am not a scientist, or an expert, and have not done a professional level review of the literature. That is why I did not offer my own opinion about the rate of chronic pain or attempt to directly interface with the science. Instead, I just summarized what various national level societies and textbooks say about it. They have the expertise and perspective that I lack. I can understand your criticism of their statements however, and I intend to, at some point, summarize the science as best as I can.

I invite you to check out the timeline I have created of (mostly) first hand accounts of what it is like to have chronic pain after vasectomy:



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