>I personally have two friends who suffer from it and it can be so bad at times that they end up having to engage pain management specialists.

>One of those two men has to take OxyContin sometimes after sex to get rid of the pain.

>If you’re having to turn to opioids after having sex, it doesn’t take much imagination to think that maybe his desire or willingness to engage in sexual activity has been diminished by this.

You nailed it. Urologists who say there is no physiological way for the vasectomy to lower libido (It just blocks sperm! It doesn’t affect testosterone!) are simply brushing all the actual complaints under the rug. How can pain during sex and ejaculation NOT affect your libido? And these guys say it does. I take Tylenol after sex because it hurts. It hurts to ram your swollen, distended epididymis over and over again. It hurts to ejaculate.

I’d appreciated it if you could connect me with your buddies who hurt during sex. I collect stories about this, as I mentioned on another reply to another of your articles. www.reddit.com/r/postvasectomypain



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